Monday, October 5, 2015

Update on the Writer's Digest: Platform Challenge.

So five days into the challenge and I'll say the last two haven't been that great for me personally.

Day 4: Claim your domain 

While in theory it's a great idea, in practice it's not where I'm at currently for two reasons:
<p>#1: I have, probably, one of the most common names out there. One that I share with an already famous guitarist who, not surprisingly, already owns the domain. There is also a </p>
<p>#2: Because my name is so common (middle name included) I need to find some way of differentiating myself and getting a domain that can really connect with an audience and make it easy for people to find me. That's going to take some time . . . </p>

Ultimately, I need to work on this one, but that doesn't mean that you do.

I understand the importance of a domain in the modern world where blogs are ubiquitous and easily overlooked without a solid domain connection.

Day 5: Join Facebook

Facebook is another conundrum for me. I am on facebook . . . but as a public high school teacher, setting my profile to public is a no go. 

As a happy medium, I do make several of my posts public, that way I at least have some presence there for people to find.

Just popping up a little update on the challenge . . . day 5 and still going strong, that's unusual for me.

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