Saturday, October 3, 2015

Let's Get Started!

The toddler and puppy

It's time for me to get started becoming a writer. Well, I write already, mater of fact I even teach writing already, but for some unknown reason I've never started a blog for writing. So here it is.

I'm going to thank Robert Lee Brewer for running his October Platform Challenge which gave me the ass in the rear to get going with this. 

So far, we're on day three of this challenge, and I've actually kept up with it (despite being insane enough to have both a toddler and a puppy who both happen to be teething at the same time). 

I'll post my first three parts here so anyone that wants to can follow along as I develop my platform. Who knows, This could be fun!

Day 1: Define yourself as a writer.

He provided a basic format to allow people an easy way to go about their self-definition. I chose to follow the format for simplicities sake. 

Here is my self definition:

Name (as used in byline): Eric Johnson

Position(s): English Teacher, high school; Creative Writing Teacher, high school; Theater Arts Teacher, high school; Curriculum Developer; Published Author as Poet; Blogger; Game Developer, Founder & Owner of Broken Table Games

Skill(s): Editing; creative writing (poetry and fiction); blogging; copywriting; problem solving; conceptualizing; public speaking; teaching; mentoring; game designing and developing; 

Social media platforms (active): Facebook; Google+

My daughter and I on the
merry-go-round at the town fair.
Accomplishments: HS letters in Acting; Eagle Scout; undergraduate award-winner in journalism at Western New England College; BS in English Literature from Western New England College with certificates in Secondary Education; MA in English Literature from University of Massachusetts, Amherst; EdD in Educational Leadership with a focus in Curriculum Design and Instruction from University of Phoenix; Published several poems in various online and print magazines;

Interests: Family (a top priority), writing (poetry, horror, & essays primarily); reading; travel; remodeling houses; hiking; camping; adventure; game design & development

In one sentence, who am I? Eric Johnson is an accidental poet living with his wife, daughter, and dog near the edge of a nature reserve, working as a high school English and writing teacher while trying to find the words (and time) to become a novelist.

Day 2: Setting your goals

Short-Term Goals:

  1. Begin publishing poetry in journals again.
  2. Develop and publish a book length (or chapbook length) collection of poems.
  3. Publish 3 short story in journals by the beginning of next summer.
  4. Finish editing my first novel The Beholder by the end of next summer.
  5. Write a creative writing textbook for my creative writing class by the start of the next school year.

Long-Term Goals:

  1. Publish The Beholder through traditional publishing channels.
  2. Finish the rough draft of Keeper of the Truths.
  3. Publish Keeper of the Truths.
  4. Develop and write a textbook for Theater Arts.
  5. Become an educational consultant on curriculum and instruction.

Day 3: Start Blogging

Well, if you've gotten to here, I guess you've found me. 

Welcome to my journey, and if you're in the same place . . . come along and start your own! Share it with me in the comments if you do!

Until then, remember . . . If you're writing, then you're a writer (publishing is another creature altogether). Don't be afraid to say it . . . sometimes that's all it takes to make it to the next step.

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